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But, in general, which ones are better?

There's no real difference for genres. I use Ernie Balls myself.
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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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There's no real difference for genres. I use Ernie Balls myself.

And you play thrash/speed?

I heard Ernie Balls are crap.
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Title says it all.

First thought: No it doesn't.

Second thought: 9s or 10s unless you drop tune, but when I hear thrash/speed metal I think early Metallica or Megadeth and most of their songs are in standard.
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Best strings? Probably some made out of metal, and from there, the ones that you like the best. I personally prefer DRs, but that's because I like them. Some people like ernie balls, dunlops, d'addarios, etc... It's all about what you like the best. I've tried out many strings though, and for me, DR came out on top. From what I've found, they last longer, and stay in tune better. And they just feel better. But then again, different people have different opinions and preferences
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I find heavy gauge strings lend themselves to faster playing, due to the increased tension. I always find it easier to do things like tremolo picking, gallops, and the like on something like say .11s (assuming we're talking about E standard here). Brand shouldn't come too much into play, IMO.