There's a career fair on campus today, so I need to look nice.
I'm a junior level computer science student, and I'm looking for an internship.

I'm not too sure on the attire, I have a black tie, but that just makes me look like I'm at a funeral.
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you already look like you're going to a funeral. im gonna suggest more white and less black. unfortunately i'd need to know your credentials for employment before making a decision like that as how you dress is secondary to what you know and can do when going into the computer world.
You do look professional, and intelligent. Don't worry about not looking flamboyant, that's not what matters at all.
Cut your hair at least.
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You need to look like a nerd and you'll be hired.

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You look like Kirk Hammet with glasses.
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Ummm cut your hair first of all.
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You look professional. Do you maybe have a more neutral color suit? I know black is easy to wear and match stuff with but it's not a funeral job you're after. Many buisnessy people will say the same. Dark gray and navy blue are both good. Also, try to avoid buttoning the bottom button on the coat. Other than that, you do look fine but for some people looking to hire, the black can be a bit of a turn off. I went through it before and was told having the black suit was like an easy way out (as well as fit for a funeral), lol.
you like nice, what do some people want in here you're being the next top model, if you had a nice credentials or something like that and a nice chat you'll be MOREEEE than fine trust me
that suit fits really well(poor fitting suits are the worst thing ever)
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edit: Teasing of course, I'd give you a fair interview.
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Thanks for the support guys

As far as credentials, I don't have much, except my coursework and 5 years of work in an unrelated field (receptionist at an optometrist), but again, I'm only looking for a part time internship, for experience.

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Might have been stated already, but you should probably get that suit tailored so it fits better. It looks kind of big and doesn't really fit in the shoulders. Also when you wear a jacket like that, button the top two buttons and leave the button one unbuttoned.
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Not bad, but what else do you got?
Take one of those guitars for added hirability.


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You do look professional, and intelligent. Don't worry about not looking flamboyant, that's not what matters at all.

This. Lookin' sharp!
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Is a fashion faux-pas to button up the lowest button on a suit jacket. I'm not saying you should follow this advice, but the suit sits more nicely if you do

Good luck!
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