I'm looking to get some type of pedal to detune my guitar with out having to mess with the strings. I've seen a Morpheus drop tune pedal for $200, a Boss Harmonist pedal for $150, and a Behringer US600 Harmonist pedal for $50. I'm leaning towards the Behringer because of the price. I only want to drop the tunning a couple of steps. Does anyone have/own any of these pedals and can give me some advice?
+1, i have a digitech whammy for other purposes but when i go down a step it sounds fake and muffled
I'd say the Morpheus out of those. I was really close to buying one and tested it. It sounds very good with distortion. But clean you have a little bit of a chimey sound as most of these types of pedals due, but a lot less than I've heard from others. The only reason I didn't buy it was because I needed a new delay pedal more

Test one out and see if it sounds good to you.
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Save yourself the trouble and do not consider getting any pedal-related object by Behringer. Ever.

And I think I'm going to side with the guys who are saying get another guitar to drop tune on.
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Don't knock the droptune till you try it. It's Amazing
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Don't knock the droptune till you try it. It's Amazing

In terms of what it achieves, yes.

In terms of tone, it destroys it.

If you REALLY need to buy one, get a new guitar

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