so, i got myself a secondhand LTD M-202 for $180NZD. but, i cant seem to find anthing on the interwebz about it.
there are basically no pictures, a small amount of badly written reviews, and thats about it.
whats up with this guitar, man?
it looks sexy as shit, and plays so well.
it has a good sound, even with the average Duncan Designed pups. but there just isn't anthing about it. I'm gonna assume that it was some sort of limited edition run, that is now discontinued. I NEEEEEEED INFO!!!!
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Are you sure its not an LTD KH-202?

i am 150% sure its not a KH-202.
it even says in the 12th fret, "M-202".
i would know if it was a KH. i'm not that retarded.
it has really mint inlays, too.
kinda like a lightning bolt.
its not a KH.
any of the models.
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dude. that is it.
that is my axe. 'cept mine is the silver colour.
where did you find that?
do you know anything else about it?
like, for how long it was in production?