is it safe to run a 16 ohm 2x12 cabinet as an extension cab to an 8 ohm 2x12 combo amp? would it work? i just want to be able to use all 4 speakers for when i play live. my band likes to play a lot of impromptu shows where all we have is a PA for vocals, so the need for extra speakers would help to round out my sound a bit better overall
You should be fine as long as you didn't go lower than 8 ohm's. But will your combo run two sets of 12's at once. From my experience most 2x12 combo's will cut the internal speakers and only run power to the external cab.
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to my understanding, the internal speakers should be able to run with the extension cab

i dont know for sure because i have not ordered the amp yet, i'm simply just researching and getting advice
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Umm...If you're going to use a 16 ohm cab, and you have a 16 ohm output...why not use the 16 ohm output?

the combo internal speakers are wired to 8 ohms and i want to be able to use them too, i wasn't sure what to set it to in order to use all 4 speakers
First, does the V3 have stereo outs?

I 'think' you could then run your cab at 8 ohms and your combo at 8 ohms - but if you don't have stereo out then you could daisy chain one to the other theoretically and run them to the amp with one cable (mono) at 4 ohm. Not sure what your options are here without doing some research myself.

you also need to take into account the total watts you are dealing with and whether or not these speakers will sound good together.