what would you consider to be the best OD pedal to be used in conjunction with a Vox AC30?

Basically, I love the tone of the AC30 both clean and overdriven, but damn it, i only get to choose one at a time when I play live and I'd like to know what pedal I could use to basically turn it into somewhat of a "2 channel amp" when I play live and I leave the channel on a very slightly overdriven clean tone

I like a really punchy od tone with plenty of note clarity and responsiveness, but sometimes a distorted channel is a distorted channel. I just wouldn't prefer a compressed metal-like sound, I already have an mt-2 for those horribly tinny tones :P
I've heard some good things about the Digitech Bad Monkey, maybe you could try that out. But may I ask what's wrong with using your TS9?
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the tone is not that great, not to me at least :P
it'll do, but i was wondering what i could use that could be better
I heard a lot of AC30 user say that the Crowther Audio Hotcake is a perfedct match with that amp, check it out
ethos overdrive.
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hmm, A timmy might work...

EDIT: Also look into an Xotic AC Booster and a Wampler Cranked AC
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What exactly is it about the TS-9 that you don't like? Not transparent enough? Too middy? Too muddy? Fizzy? Fuzzy? Trebly?

If I can figure out what you dislike about the Tube Screamer I may have a solution or two.
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The classic pedal to use with an AC30 is a Dallas Rangemaster clone. The Analogman one is good. They're a "treble booseter" which is in essence a mild overdrive with an emphasis on the highs. They can do anything from a slightly altered clean tone to old deep purple. But with a AC30 or other big amp, it will definitely be loud before the amp really responds right.
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Big +1 to the Rangemaster and Hotcake
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+187669 to the Crowther hotcake.. That'd be absolutely perfect.
An AC booster would be good too. Personally, I like a mild overdrive and a clean boost together.
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For an AC30 you need two things. One a distortion pedal (even something cheap like a DS-2 sounds great with it), and two an A/B pedal. So your line goes, Distortion --> A/B --1> normal clean or --2> top boost with top boost volume past 7.
You will just have to try different distortions on your normal input till you find one you like, every person likes different sounds, and the Vox AC30 is a unique amp and interacts with pedals with huge differences compared to your standard amp. It doesn't really need an overdrive pedal if you use the A/B box for the two channels.
(PS, you will never get a metal sound out of an AC30, it just wasn't built for it)
Rangemaster or other treble booster.

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