Recently I've been wondering if maybe atheists are just the very luckiest among us. For years I was an atheist, and while life was far from perfect from an objective standpoint I had very little to complain about. However, the past 2 years (including this summer, although it was the best three months of my life and achieved a peak point of joy that I will probably never attain again) have seen the death of a great number of my friends, as well as the gradual self-destruction of others. These are people that I love dearly. And over the course of the process I have come to terms with the following:

1) I can't make myself believe that those who have died are simply erased, with no hope of ever returning to what was or starting fresh... that their beautiful selves were simply freaks of chance that lived briefly on a speck of rock in the middle of absolute emptiness and were then obliterated forever. I can't make myself believe that. If I believe that, I'll probably go crazy.

2) I can't make myself believe that those who have begun the fall are left with nothing except the prospect of continued misery and eventual demise. These are good people. In most cases they cannot be said to deserve what has befallen them. They can't be alone. I can't believe in a universe where the terms "good" and "justice" are just relative nothings. Somehow a score has to be kept. Those who are warm, who do well by others... they can't be so expendable.

Additionally, these events have drawn me closer to the people who I love and who are still untouched. And the idea that these people might someday have their goodness crushed by malice, or their innocence defiled, or even that they might someday cease to exist, complete with all of their memories, and quirks, and experiences, forever, is crushing to me.

In short: I believe in a god, however you want to define it, simply because I cannot reconcile the loss of good and of innocence with an empty universe.

You can either choose to tell me why I am wrong, or weigh in with your own feelings -- is atheism simply the logical position of those who have not experienced loss, or seen good destroyed?
Remember this. Remember the summer. Whatever you do. Don't forget.
Nice blog, apart from the fact that what you can or can't make yourself believe has no baring on reality.
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Nice blog, apart from the fact that what you can or can't make yourself believe has no baring on reality.

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