I, like a lot of us, have moved away from Boss as my go-to brand of pedals. Other than my TU-3, I have a DS-1 that I have been using on my rig. Not exactly my dream distortion pedal. I could mod it, but I saw some videos of the new "Power Stack" and I have to admit that I like what I see. I was considering getting a Garagetone Chainsaw for $50 but I may have to wait and see about this new pedal.

What do you think?
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It's alright but I'm sure I'd rather just get an amplifier. BOSS is overrated as shit and a lot of people don't realize there's other pedal companies out there besides it. I mean DERP METAL ZONE seriously.
I heard it, and I hated it. Doesn't sound good to me at all. Like 3 of their worst Stomps in one terrible pack.