stop hovering, just come in...

come on.

lets go see what CC stands for!

well actually its CC2. and its the worlds best boutique multi effects unit that got delivered to my door today

thats right, its a FoxRox Captain Coconut 2! from what ive heard its the only one in Australia.

heres how she looks on her own.

beautiful huh?

came in the original packaging from Dave with power supply and manual.

on to the review.
heres the Setup i was using-

This is one of only 997 CC2's ever made, but he rreally should have made more..
they are a stnning vintage/modern pedal.
the trio of Fuzz, Octave and a Vibe can be rearranged using patch cables, but ive found the original octave->fuzz->vibe works fine.
all effects sound amazing on their own, and even better stacked.
the octave can sound really thick and pure, but tweaked all the way to a gritty fuzz.
add this with the fuzz pedal and you can nail jack white tones. the fuzz on its own has a wide range of tone by adjusting the fuzz and grit levels.
the vibe has the most versitility of the lot, ranging from a lush chorus to a subtle vibe with the flick of a switch.
the octave, like most, has trouble keeping up with a wah in front (i used a 70's king wah), but you can wire around this to move it between the octave and fuzz. fuzz +wah = yummy.
ill try get around to posting clips later today.

Lovely! These look amazing, and I can't wait for the clips. HNPD, hope you enjoy it!
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Never heard of this, but it looks pretty gnarly. I'd love to hear some clips of what this thing can do!
That looks awesome
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doesn't look that fobby
fobby > fresh out box
anyway looks like its pretty good!

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it's gotta be cool to have the only one in the country. never seen or tried one but congrats!
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doesn't look that fobby
fobby > fresh out box
anyway looks like its pretty good!

its not brand new, its been sitting in some guys garage...
just a little dusty

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it's gotta be cool to have the only one in the country. never seen or tried one but congrats!

feels amazing to be this unique..
^ Ben!

so i busted it open and found the original fuzz card, might have to shop for the others soon!

Want. How much did it set you back? Last I saw the prices were getting pretty crazy.
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sorry to steal her from you bogg ^^^

it set me back $600+

guy had it on ebay for $500 with a $800 BIN, so i sent him an offer.
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that is awesome. i jizzed in mah pantz.
Jumping on dat gear sig train.
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Quote by greeny23

feels amazing to be this unique..

I've got one of 4 (maybe 5) Wizards in Australia.

And HNPD Tim, seems like a very cool piece of kit make sure you give us some good clips
I've got one of the only Ibanez Overdrive II's in Australia, probably the only one, also the Maxon AD202...

Anyways, we demand clipz...
just posted a quick demo of the vibe for those who care.