I need help getting a heavier metal tone, My amp is a line 6 spider 4 (I KNOW stfu) i regret buying this amp, like everyone said: Its to digital sounding..I dont have the money for another really good amp that as great distortion on it, but i have money for pedal, is there anything that i could get that would help my sound ?
I use the electro harmonix metal muff (with top boost) for my heavy metal sound. It's better than any other distortion sound I've heard before. It works excellent for both a great solo and rhythm sound. Unfortunately the pedal sound is too dark/heavy for classic rock (even when lower the distortion level to 3/10), so there might be more versatile pedals on the market.
You can coach some good/usable tones out of the spider and adding a pedal probably wont help. Depending on the tone you're using start with everything at 5 (noon) and move things around from there. Don't be afraid to drop the gain down on some models, especially the Insane models. I find that with the Metal and maybe even the Hi-Gain models if you put the gain around 6-7 and add the OD feature that it really helps tighten things up. The typical move is to put your gain way up as well as your bass and treble and drop your mids, doing this will often lead to a crappy tone and one that can be very digital as well. Put the bass around 6-7 and keep your mids around 5 and put your treble at 5 or 6 and put your presence at 4-5ish.

See how that works for you. Good tones can be coached out of the Spider series you just have to spend time with it and don't be afraid to turn the gain down, even below 5 on some models and if you want a really tight tone don't forget about the OD effect feature.
Try out the Digitech TL2 if you want to nail high-gain modern metal sounds. But test it in the store with a Spider first; Spiders are notorious for not playing well with pedals.
you can get usable tones out of spiders at lower volume levels - a lot of people make the mistake of sticking to the presets (which are bad) and judging them from that.

pick yourself a model and dial in a proper eq. while the eq isnt that powerful you can still cut out unwanted frequencies like farty mid range or sizzly top end. try cutting the treble and mids a bit to take off any horrible top end fizz. you could also start adding reverb in to give a slightly wetter, more squashy sound.

spiders aren't as terrible as people make them out to be. they're naff out of the box, which goes against the whole plug in and play thing they're pushing for, but after spending some time with it you'll find they're very usable for practice at home. also, avoid the insane models like the plague.
its a better idea to save up for a better amp and not waste it on a pedal
Digitech tl2 is the best sounding pedal I have ever heard.
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Try an OD pedal, distortion pedals dont mesh well with Modeling amps, at all.

That said, I have a Hardwire TL-2 waiting for my 6260 Im ordering.
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Save up for something like a Pevey Vypyr, they're not too pricey and are pretty neat.

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yeah, new amp is called for in this case
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