I am amazed over silenoz sound on the new dimmu borgir album abrahadabra. Does anyone know which amp, settings and pickups he´s using? I have tried to find it but with no luck :/

I am looking for the rhytm sound between 2.35-3.10 on the track dimmu borgir
sweden on tour
"Amp wise, Galder [other Dimmu Borgir guitarist] used the Peavey 6105 and Blackstar cabinets. I used the Blackstar series One 200 with modified Blackstar cabs. We didn’t use any effects in the studio really. We just miked everything up and went for it. We try and keep it really simple both in the studio and live, because the more shit you have, the more you can loose signals and stuff like that so we try and keep it as simple as possible. And it seems to be working. For guitars, we used our signature ESP models which came out early last year. Those signature models were like an accomplishment in itself to finally have your own signature model. It is something you only dream of in your dreams as a kid. We were so happy with them that it was no point for us to try out other guitars. For some bands they will use whatever guitars sound the best in the studio, but we used our own guitars because they were, and are, the best sounding guitars. "

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