so i wasn't planning to buy any more solid top guitars with lam back and sides, but that was before i saw the harley benton hbf-200. yes, the neck is way over-busy with inlays that i could live without, but it seems to be a 00 with a slot head for a reasonable price, and it caught my attention.

anyone own one or ever played one of these in the store? i'm curious how the sound compares to other guitars of a similar size. also curious about the neck profile - the body shape and depth is exactly what i like.

any info much appreciated.

Just been looking at smaller guitars myself and came across this as well.

Not a fan of the over the top inlays either, but it looks nice and portable and sounds alright from the samples too.

Anyone got/tried one?
I've got one of these (179 eu). I've received it last monday from Thomann.
For my entry on so-called "parlor guitars" world, I was hesitating at first between HBF-200 and these others (all of these are probably better guitars than HBF, no doubt, "but..."):

- A&L Ami Cedar Sunburst Antique
Only 12 free frets (not 14 as HBF-200) and 100 euros up.
- Epiphone EL-00
Price (211 eu), frets and finish OK but... er, I don't want to be the next Mr Clapton Plays Mr Johnson, sorry.
- Washburn R319SWKK
I just love the look of this one. Not so the price (411 eu). Also, just 12 free frets, "v-neck" and no any inlays on the fretboard (nor dots, I think).

Well, about the HBF, the main surprise for me was the huge volume of this little thing; really great. The tone is, well, I suppose that as the other parlors, a little strange for who has "dreadnought-used" ears; more on the middle range than anything. Playability is rather on the hard side, I think, but I've never put my hands on a Guild or a Martin, so my opinion maybe is not very exact on this. Action is low though, and fretboard is really electric-like (42mm on the nut), but it don't seem to me, at first, an easy guitar for all those fingerpickings if your fingers are mainly used to an electric guitar.
Finish is fine. I like the design, I just loved the "vegetables" inlays right at the photos, but definitively could be just perfect if these Chinese people could has used only one color, and not so many blue, green and so. Well, personal taste here.
In sum, good thing for the price.

But I think I will also buy a Washburn R319 in a near future though. It's such a beauty!

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