HI! i'm a grunge relic who plays a lot of alternative and indie. i'm not a metal head and i don't condone country music.

when i pull out my 12 string (frances) and i want to play me some nirvana, i have to make some choices. songs like heart shaped box are in dropped D, which is easy to tune to and from (and i know a lot of other songs in that tuning,) and songs like all apologies which are in standard, like the bulk of the songs i write and play.

but then we have come as you are- literally my favorite song of all time, the one that is most requested from me, and the one that is the most fun to sing; it's tuned down an entire step (if you want to play it properly.) the problem for me is that i'm fairly certain that most of the other D standard songs are like black metal and other things that i learn the solos to and rarely play again (also, they wouldn't sound that great on a 12 string and some would be VERY hard with an action this brutal [too brutal for metal? get outta here. {no, i'm serious, it would just hurt your hand.}])

i could play other songs because it's a standard tuning, but my capo is too weak for the 12 strings and it never sounds quite right with my singing. so i'm left with tuning down all 12 of these babies to D and then tuning them back up to E when i'm done with one song- meaning i spend as much time tuning as i do playing.

here's the part of the thread you actually read.
does anyone with similar music tastes have any recommendation for songs that are played/sound great in D standard, so i have more reasons to detune the guitar?

anything helps, thanks UG.