A sixty hour day
a twelve hour night
the scales strike their balance
and with the answer in plain sight

Denial will object
justified by default
because who needs proof
when you really know it all

A sixty hour day
I lost count at forty-five
and we're beginning to hate
what's keeping us alive

Denial will object
and no-one will care who's right
whoevers pedestal's the highest
decides day from night

A sixty hour day
one-forty's a good sign
that I've over-stepped my boundaries
and entered the great devine

Immortality is priceless
and my ego's twice as much
as you deny me with riddles
of memory and touch

The sun will never set
I chained it to the bed
of this sixty hour day
and twenty dollar head

I bought out your vote
but you payed for all of mine
I'm forever in your debt
and you're forever on my mind
I like this, but Id suggest changing "and entered the great divine" to "and into the great divine", entered kinda throws off the rhythm there. Also, it kinda sounds like you rushed it a bit at the end, but i do that alot so its all good... Oh, and I agree with your sig, we do need a drum forum, all aspects of music should be included
Well, I think I'll go turn myself off an' go on down
All the way down...
Really ain't no use in me hanging around
You know what I'm trying to say
Music, sweet music
I wish I could caress, and-a kiss
Manic Depression is a fustrating mess