Hey guys, heres just a simple acoustic number I recorded today.


Feedback of any nature welcome!

Lyrics here

Oh my it’s a sad refain as I
Drive away in the pouring rain
But nothing new, a familiar trend
Beautiful day that always ends

Its strange after the rain falls
And theres silence, around the time you’d call
Tried to lift my aching bones
But I wan’t brave enough to reach the phone

Burning in the heat of the night
And I’m wondering whats left this fight
this world moves slow tonight
Oh My, Oh my, Oh My

Oh my, were in trouble untold
And this sorry game has taken its toll,
It’s a cold and now desperate state
But I never once learned from my mistakes

Oh my got a little crazy there but I
Never thought it would end in despair
Well it seems I’m a little naïve but I
Just never thought I’d see this day
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That was exquisite man. Great song, great lyrics. It generally isn't the type of music I listen to, but I can't help but find it beautiful. I had some reservations about the guitar sound you were using towards the beginning of the song, perhaps a bit too reverb-y. But when your vocals came in, it was a really nice and lush mix. Music of this quality doesn't often get posted here.
Very solid. Great singing and good songwriting. Arrangement was, of course, very simplistic, but it worked well with the song. I could've seen some vocal harmonies on the choruses, though, at least in the parts where you had already fleshed out the arrangement with another guitar. Another idea might be to make the guitar a little more interesting. Maybe write a little instrumental hook, to use as an intro. Could possibly return after the choruses or something, too.

Other than that, I can't think of anything to improve. Awesome work.

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I remember critting another one of your songs, websites help to be memorable.

Anyway, about the song:

I think the vocals are a bit loud, they do sound really good, though. I especially like the triplet (?) parts before you say "Oh my," I can't do that. :P The lyrics are also great.

Give mine a listen if you have time, it's in a similar style:
I like this song, nice lyrics and overall feel, I think either the vocals are too loud or the guitars are way too low.
I swear I could almost hear a lead guitar in there but since it was down so low, couldn't really make it out.