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Marty's tone sucks but this is gold
No ego-inflating quotes nor stupidly long signatures to be found here.

Move along.

Bands/Artists of the month; Marco Sfogli, Marco Sfogli and Marco Sfogli .

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^lol'd at the sig, adj209
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I searched bared and found nothing.

I recently found this, by far the best cover i've heard.

I'm sure there are A LOT of great ones as well, so i'm wondering. Whats yours pit?

The bass in the background has like 8 strings and I cant hear any of them, great cover though.
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Free Jani92jani

Free Will Swanson
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For so little views a lot of people seem to know about that video. God that kid is ****ing awful. Anyway...
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Racer X's "Technical Difficulties" Cover
Racer X's "Scarified" Cover (Spaceship Version)
Eric Johnson's "Cliffs of Dover" Cover
He's a guy that's from around the same place I am. Probably the best in talent that's come out Newfoundland, playing alongside bands like Kreator, Exodus and Nevermore sometimes on full North American tours with a couple different bands.

He also has a few more covers of solos from bands like Scar Symmetry and Megadeth, plus covers of songs from his current band Threat Signal that he didn't have any part with since he recently joined. He should be releasing a solo album soon too.

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I came in here to post Andy Rehfeldt. Since no-one has bothered to mention him, I will.

He does the best pisstake covers but some are pure gold, especially his smooth jazz covers.

or this cover
So br00tz
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Antonio Forcione - Heard it through the grapevine

Ray Lamontagne - Crazy (Gnarls Barkley)

Can't believe these guys haven't been mentioned yet
And this wins all, not the best cover. But it's sure nice to look at
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Anything that NeoGeoFanatic does. I swear to your false deity of choice, if this guy had a band with members as talented as him, then they'd be the biggest band this decade. He can play every song he covers as well, or better, as the original guitarists. And his original compositions are insane.
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This dude called Achokarlos is one sick man. He skillz are awesome and he does everything by ear.
Brett Domino. Sweet man.
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