This might be the wrong section but I feel like people who use recording software might also have experience with DJ software as well. So what have you guys used and what do you like the best. I tried Mixxx but I couldn't get it to read all of my music files. Only my .mp3's and .flacs. I need this for a radio show I'm doing if that helps.
SAM Broadcaster is by far the best internet streaming DJ program out there....but it runs for $280.

The same company also makes "SAM Party DJ" for just $130.
The difference from what I know is there are no streaming encoders in this one...so you'll need to run an interface and hope that the station you work for on this doesnt require an encoder.

If you are not doing internet stream broadcasting, you should be fine with Party DJ.

None of these are free but TBH, I don't know of any free DJing software out there...most of them run at least a few hundred dollars from what I've seen. Virtual DJ is a great product, but will run you $300.