Hey, I really want to buy a MIA Fender Strat and a hot rod amp and was considering selling my guitar to help afford it. I got a 1972 Gibson SG junoir, in 73 they start calling them specials instead. Its a unique guitar it only has one pickup and its a p90, Ive had it appraised for 2.5k Im curious as to what you people think on UG in reguards to if im nuts for considering selling this, or if i should just do it.
Don't think your nuts It's a Norlin era Guitar. It's a player if you don't need it sell it. IMO it's not going to skyrocket in value and be worth a lot of money.
If you start a reply with: I have never played one but I have heard good things about it! Your opinion is invalid.
it's a norlin. seems to be worth a bit. Dunno if you'll get 2.5k right now but I dunno unless you love it.
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I would absolutely never do that. If you really want to have a guitar that feels like an american fender, go for an 80's squier. They feel just as good, and they are much cheaper(just needs a pickups change). I feel like you will really regret it if you let that guitar go.
A norlin is a Gibson made after the company tanked in 1968. They were bought out and the guitars made after until about the 90s were less then stellar. Actually people avoid them like the plague.
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I really like it. But i have far too diverse taste in music for it to suit my needs. I traded my orange tiny terror in for it, and i've started getting back into the heavier stuff again, and I can't afford to keep it and get another amp for metal.
LOL i cant afford to buy another amp unless i sell either my gibson sg, or if i sell my blues deluxe 50s reissue.