I've been considering getting an S series Ibanez for a while now, although ive only briefly played one of them before it was actually quite nice, however i dont really know much about the series as a whole, can anyone tell me which models you would recommend me to try? max budget is roughly £1000 but i would prefer to go for value for money if possible =]

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It depends upon what you want from the guitar.

Do you want a middle single coil? What kind of finish are you looking for?

Personally I would go with one of the S series with a maple cap like the Ibanez S770FM. I own an S670FM and its great. The maple cap gives it more pronounced upper mids which is definitely a good thing. With the rest of the money get a pickup swap and a good setup then you will have a guitar that will last you a very long time....
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try to find a used MIJ 90's S model. Thats what I did and I'm going to buy it this week. You'll get pretty much a Prestige guitar for 1/3 the price. Some say older Ibanez guitars are better than ANY new one.

My 92 S540 is one of the best sounding guitars I'v ever played, and it only cost me $600 (Australian)
Although new Prestiges are great guitars too, and I think they would play a bit better too. Plus, its new
any ibanez s series is great, just make sure it's all legit before you buy it. 470, 570, 670, they are all good.

I wanted the single coil so I didn't go Japanese although you may be able to find them. All the ones I saw were H-H
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One big plus point (for me) about the s-series that doesnt seem to get mentioned is actually the body. Sure everyone knows that its contoured on both sides and pretty thin (looks even thinner due to the carve) but the result of this is the the guitar just fits into your body so easily. It's hard to explain until you pick up another guitar that may only have a tummy cut or not cut at all, then you imiediately realize how comfortable the S series feels on your lap. As for which one, that's hard to say but i would definately just check Ebay. You find a lot of older (90's) Japan made models with interesing colours/specs that you don't see on newer models (which are still great imo). But welcome to the s series club .

PS ZR trem feels brilliant, however the original is made out of lower grade metal and has a tendency to snap about a year in...so you'll have to by some replacement parts if you're a heavy trem user.
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