Hello reader,

Let me tell you about myself really quickly.
My name is Brandon, I am 23 years old and am an avid music listener and player. I have been playing guitar for roughly 10 years now. I collect guitars, as well as play them. I have approximately 6 guitars left, out of the 10 I had. I would like to think I play guitar quite well, and I have been involved in several bands and projects over the past oh say...5 years. Yadda yadda, nothing special really. I now am currently not involved in a band of any sort, but I am always looking around for one. I have roughly around 51 or 52 music videos on my Myspace of me playing songs, if you'd like to watch or something, message me and I'll give you the link so I can add you because you have to be a friend to view them. There is a lot of them, so I'm sure you'll find one or more that you like. They span all kinds of genres and bands.

I have professional gear. Minimal stage experience. I write every day.
EVERY. DAY. I have a pretty good solid base of knowledge on Music Theory, I study every single day to learn more and more, then I practice. I write songs, and original music as well. My favorite bands, and ispirations are a few of the following:
Rammstein, Static-X, Coheed and Cambria, Metallica, Apocalyptica, Winds of Plague, Wumpscut, Combichrist, Children of Bodom, Korn, Limp Bizkit, and tons and tons of others. My list is neverending honestly.

Favorite guitarists of all time:
1- John 5 (solo project, not the Manson shit)
2- Richard Z. Kruspe
3- Alexi Laiho
4- Wes Borland

I tend to play more like a mix of Wes Borland and Richard Kruspe in my opinion. (irrelevant)

Gear: Amplification
Line 6 Spider IV 150 watt half stack.

Gear: Guitars (that I use)
Epiphone Double Neck SG
Schecter Omen 6
Carlo Robelli acoustic
Sigma DM10 acoustic
Epiphone Les Paul Jr. (crappy but sounds good in Drop D and C tunes)

Gear: Effects
Zoom G1J John 5 Signature Pedal

With all this, needless and random junk Ive just written out for you and wasted your time while you read, that is all I have to say for now. I hope to befriend some of you and talk further if interested. I am down to talk about music and tabs, writting, whatever. I could talk all day if you wanted. Anyway, I hope to hear from some of you. Looking forward to it.


Please go here to introduce yourself. Thanks!

Welcome to UG!

Btw, Songs for Sanity is utterly amazing. One of my favorite albums ever.


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