does anyone here have any of the higher end first act guitars? they have some pretty sweet looking ones on their website but I have never heard anything about them around here.

EDIT: let me clarify. I am talking about their custom shop/artist models.
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I got a first act as my first guitar but you probably should look for something better.
First act is flat out embarrassing, TS. Spend a little more and get a decent guitar. And their shop models can't hold a candle to most brands.
Because there playing high end first act. Unless you willing to spend a lot of money on a first act you are pretty much going to end up with a crap guitar. Spend an extra $20 and get a bullet strat. Save about $5 and buy a SX Hawk SE which are a little better than Squier Standards.
No matter which one you buy you are going to get a better guitar than a first act.


I actually have gotten to do a side by side comparison of a First Act ME301 and a Fender Starcaster. The Starcaster was better...
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Cuz it's easy as shit to get a signature guitar. It's not like any of these artists actually play First Acts on stage or in the studio. No, they just like the royalties they get from people who buy their signature guitars. Besides, do a search of any guitar company, and you'll probably find "big names".
It's not like any of these artists actually play First Acts on stage or in the studio. QUOTE]
nick zinner of the yeah yeah yeahs does. as does the lead singer of maroon 5, adam le-whatever.

guys, their high end models are some well built sexy and unique pieces of gear.
^that's true. They're made in Boston.
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Wow... There's a lot of uneducated BS in this thread.

First of all: Yes, the First Act guitars that you find at big-box stores ala Wal-Mart & Target are junk (as are those labeled as Fender, Washburn, etc).

That being said, First Act's USA-made guitars are top-notch & every bit as good as ANY custom shop instrument (which is what they are, after all). Furthermore, FA also has a run of mid-level (MIK?) instruments, their 'SFA' series, that are also quite nice and can be had VERY cheaply due to the stigma of the FA brand. I picked up one of their 'Sheena' models that normally sells for over $400 a year or so ago direct from FA for $100.

Here are the specs:
Body - Poplar with Flamed Maple Top, Bound
Neck - North American Maple, C-Profile
Construction - Set-In
Fingerboard - Maple
Frets - 22
Nut - Graphite, 1 11/16"
Scale - 25"
Hardware - Chrome
Bridge - First Act String Retainer System
Tuners - Die-Cast
Pickups - Soap-bar Style Single-Coil & Humbucker, AlNiCo-5
Pickguard - White Pearloid
Controls - 2 x Volume, 1 x Tone, 3-way Pickup Selector

Frugal Guitarist did a review on one of them, complete with sound samples, not too long ago.
Agreed 100% with what sinofian said. Matt Pike uses his 9 string First Act all the time and his tone is awseome.
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TS which specific model were you looking at?

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