Hey all, second post here =D

This is a short piece I've whipped up just now in the past hour, and contains a thanks to my high school Math Teacher, Jackie Blue, who's been my main motivator to study for my end of school exams.
As in my last piece (''Hey, No Worries'' in my sig), I've included references to a few things, and if anyone's interested, I'll post a list later on.

All opinions and feedback is welcome, and I'd love to receive some critique on what it makes you think of or visualise; I always try to paint some sort of image in the reader's head (which isn't always objective, as it's great to have a subjective effect on different readers), but anything and everything is very much appreciated!
Finally, a big thanks to Tides of Man and the song ''Chemical Fires'' - the opening guitar passage (but also the rest of the song!) set the tone for a lot of this piece.

C4C of course! Just post a link in your reply, and if there's anything in particular you'd like me to look for in your piece, just give me the heads up. =]

* * *

I’m bevelling in a semester of pre-preparation testers in feeding the brain:

From lovely trigonometric triangles with identify-thefted-exes
Bearing their own relationship with the relationship-trends of trendy high-schoolers
To geometric sequences advising on what I’ll earn with their assistance
From logarithmic differentiations that leave me indifferent (but are inevitably integral to my exponential intellectual development)
To sequences, and possibilities of probabilities that flirt together more than I ever,
And administer a ‘’Hey! With 5 hours cumulative your odds of academe increase!’’

This is all grey and white; what’s the matter? My cerebral fluids are letting me down again
Like the bandwidth’s capabilities after endowing my daily intake
Of funny cat clips and Youtube-hits
I wobble the observing air molecules with a pip-squeaked creaking *groan*
And (fittingly) shift my attention to Physics

I’m red in the face and blue in the backside (I’ll call it Doppler Syndrome for future reference)
The point has flown so far past me that it is beginning to enter a geostationary orbit and red-shift
At the moment, I’m feeling like a Faradaic magnet; repulsed by conductive and productive material
Or a light-wave-particle-thing in the Michelson-Morley experiment;
Close to reaching the point, but a little ways off-course and shy of my intended aim
No matter which Lenz I look through, it’s all blurred.
But maybe this will be solved by Law-and-it’s (Lorentz) counterparts.

I’d like to write soundscapes and sonatas, fugues and fascinating fables
And teach children so they won’t be caught in a rut, or bash their heads on their tables
But the laws of life are on my mind, and as a potential barrister I have to make a calculative decision;
Should I follow my dreamer's lodge and love-blurred vision, or rather tickle vicariously the fibres of post-life's wisdom?
But the former's too far down the road, and so am I to retrace and rewrite my abode

I take a moment to consider what's askew with my bored colleagues
Are their lives planned-out and following-through? Or are they running amuck like Border Collies?
Or maybe they haven’t quite decided under which column they fall
Like a simile considered by a fifth-grader as a metaphor
We’ll be keeping in touch through ADSL wires and optical fibres, I’m sure

I push my hands on the keys, with all the capitals of my name
And poke them with my fingertips like I do my friends online
And send a digital carrier-pigeon in the direction of a good friend

Refreshing an open window is like opening a refreshing window at home
You’ll have a peek, and pamper yourself with the comforting relief
And stresses are ironed out like when mum prepares your shirt for Sunday Church
The sky’s not the limit, but it is Blue.
And I sure do look up to it every day.
I sure do.

* * *


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