My current rig:

-Guitar: Schecter 006 Deluxe w/ EMG 81/85(Kerry King)
-Amp: 6505+
-Cab: Kustom Quad Jr. 4x12

I've had my Kustom for about 6 years now and I believe I am long over due for a new cab. I've gigged tons of times with this cab but I now desire something that compliments my 6505+ better. I was looking into a Mesa Traditional 4x12 but I thought i might see what people on here have to say on here before I shell out the cash.

-Genre: Metal such as Opeth, The Faceless, Decapitated, Severed Savior.....
-Budget: No more than 1000 USD
-City: Oklahoma City

I am willing to go used but would prefer new..

Oh and yes this will be needed for gigs

Heard some good things about the Emperor cabs, not sure how much they are however.

If not, Orange CAN do Metal
nope a lot of people use oranges for metal they've got v30s and the built really well
you could get something custom from avatar?
Orange Rocker 30
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well maybe i was a bit quick to rule them out. i'll see i can get my hands on one to try.
and yeah i heard good things about avatar but it seems like a hassle to get one shipped.
I recommend you to give Paul a ring, who makes Zilla cabs after hearing Nolly's review of his new 2x12:



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