Simplifying things as much as possible. I'm not by the rig right now but I know the gear by heart and how I've hooked it up in the past, but have always encountered problems. If you can give me any pointers or see what I'm doing wrong, I'll be at my rig tomorrow. Just can't get music out of my head, at my gf's dads' workplace for the night (owns a pool hall, here with her alone just chillin'.) and getting back on subject here, heres my issue.

Mac Pro tower running into a Digidesign 003 rack, not the console module. Also have a behringer extension but cutting that out of the equation, don't need it as the 003 has all the ports I need. Only recording riffage, not an entire orchestra here.

Been running the output of the digidesign into the Mac via firewire. Also have fiber optic cables but a little unsure as to which would work right off the bat, need to do a little more playing around with that. Running Pro Tools 8 LE through Mac OSX 10, I do believe it's Leopard. Running from the output of the 003 into, if I'm not mistaken, two M-audio MX5a monitors.

Now I've gotten Pro Tools to start and show it's getting a signal, the EQ / Volume charts (for lack of a professional term) fluctuate which tells me that it's getting an input. Problem is I get zero output. Nothing comes out of the monitors from Pro Tools, but I do get sound from other programs such as a youtube video or music files.

Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong here to get no output sound? I'm dying to get this working, I write all kinds of different stuff but never remember any of it due to lack of recording and me being way too damn lazy to tab it all out. I'm horrible at tabbing. If I could record it and call back on it at any given time, I can remember exactly what I played, have tested this with a cell phone recorder but I want serious quality. All I want is to become my own solo artist, not even for anyone else but just to hold a CD in my hand and say I made it all on my own and crank it on the way to wherever the hell I'm going. Just that sense of individual accomplishment. Besides, it'd be so much easier to get pointers on what I'm doing wrong / could be doing better with a webcam video recording sync'd to a quality audio recording of some of my music. If anyone's used this setup before, any advice as to how I can get it working properly would be GREAT. If you need any more information just ask, I'll be checking this daily.

For now I'm going to go spend time with the gf, spent a good half hour typing all this stuff out (slow memory.), help me put the poolstick down and pick the axe back up. I'll be checking back here soon.
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I figured it out.
someone must be loaded to have that kind of gear for just riffs and not know how to run it...

where are your monitors plugged in? they should come out of the 003. Avid (Digi) is pretty picky about what hardware runs with their software, so i'm pretty sure the only way to monitor is through the outputs/headphone outs of the 003.

perhaps a little better description of what all's going on with the output side of things (monitors/headphones/anything else you have plugged in anywhere...) would help.
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But anyways, running a line 6 spider 3 75W into input one of the digi 003. Monitors are coming from the audio outs on the 003. Got a firewire coming out of the 003 into the mac, should I be using another firewire from the mac coming into the 003 or just switch to fiber optics D-out -> M-in / M-out -> D-in?

Sorry for the late reply, couple roommates of mine ran into a lot of problems and my house got pretty violent. Big mess.
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Great list Rutch. On re-reading this one I'd have to say Solid State means not liquid or gas.

I figured it out.
There is probably a place in ProTools where you set which inputs in the software go to which inputs in the hardware, and which outputs in the software get bused to which outputs in the hardware.

(been AGES since I've used PT)

It sounds like you haven't assigned the outputs to go anywhere, so... they aren't going anywhere.

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Would have liked to believe that if it found the input automatically it'd find the output. Being a computer junkie, I unfortunately know computers just don't do what you want em to. Ever. Hopefully setting it all up today, have been busy with doctors and girlfriend troubles and whatnot.
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Great list Rutch. On re-reading this one I'd have to say Solid State means not liquid or gas.

I figured it out.
By the sounds of it, all you need to do is set your track's output to 'Output (1-2)', or the variation Pro Tools calls it. Haven't used PT LE, but it should be in the channel strip (press cmd + = to enter the mixer window) and then you should have some boxes below the plug-in inserts, to set-up each track's input and output.

Also, assuming LE does this too, when you start the program up you should be asked i you want to use the same in/out settings as in the last session opened... dont do this, check you've got the outputs set up right. If you don't get the option, don't worry - it might only be a PT HD option.

Hope that helps you!
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