i need to know what the old guy playing the worn brown strat is playing.
the consistent thing he keeps playing,example during Mayer's lenghty solo.
that back up rhythm that the old guy keeps play,i need tabs for that.
highly appreciated,thanks in advance. (:
i'm pretty sure there's a really good tab on this site for this song.

edit: i mean basically there is johns intro lick, the chords, that little back and forth pre-chorus, the solo's, so i think what "that old guy" (who could make most of us look silly!) is playing is the lick on the high e and b strings which is tabbed out perfectly on this site.

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slow dancing in a burning room is one of the easiest to work-out songs mayer wrote, so if you are struggling with it, just search the internet, somewhere somebody will have at least the chord-base figured out and you can figure it out from there