So i have a little trubble finding the right fingering for this riff.

|----------------------------------| (Alaska by Between the Buried and Me)

The part when its 9 on the D-string and 9 on the G-string, where shuld i put my fingers? Because if i bar whit my 3rd finger, it sounds extremely sloppy...
Looks like sort of a sweep to me
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no way around it boy
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You're doin it right.

Now just get it to sound right.

And the 12 to 15 is a slide then a pull off back on to the 12.
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Yes, that's a sweeped arpeggio. You're gonna have to barre those notes you mentioned with your ring finger. Start off REALLY slow and make sure you don't speed up until it sounds clean. You can use a metronome if you like.
Don't barre, roll. In other words, with your ring finger, hit the 9 on the d string and then do a rolling motion downwards to the 9 on the g string. While doing that try as hard as you can to mute the sting not being played with your finger you are rolling with. It might be difficult but it just takes practice like everything else. This is the least sloppy way to do it.
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Don't forget to mute the notes if you barre them; you don't want to let them ring out for any longer than they should.
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Make sure you roll your hand so that one string is pressed down while the other is muted by the same finger.
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