I gots me a new amp the other day, a JCA20H and am loving it so far, really nice sound for rock and, with some boosting, metal. However one thing I've noticed is how badly it takes any pedals other than boosting, and being a bit of an effects geek, I like my distortion pedals.

While looking into some cheap clean amps I came across VHT, specifically this head: http://www.vhtamp.com/avsp16h.html
Does anybody here have any experience with it? I don't expect the world for such a low price, but does it sound alright and feel sturdy?
Does it work alright with pedals?

Anyone have any other suggestions? It doesn't need many bells and whistles, just cheap, preferrably a head as opposed to a combo, tube with a 'glassy' clean. It'll be for home playing (Can still be fussy!) and maybe recording, but not gigging.

Pic of the JCA, because why not.
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You are asking for a lot from a tube amp with those requirements. The ones with the best clean tones aren't cheap. The best cleans I've heard from a guitar amplifier lately were from Blackstar's Artisan series amps. They're spectacular, but they definitely aren't cheap.

To get the best clean tones, you are going to need headroom. Since you like your Jet City 20-watt head, maybe you should look at some of their larger offerings. They've got a 100-watt head now that should give you what you want. It isn't going to be cheap, but it will be a hell of a lot cheaper than a Blackstar Artisan 100.
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do the second channel mod on your 20h search for the mod thread on harmony-central.
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Yeah if you're familiar with electronics safety, adding a clean channel to the jca20h isn't too hard.

I just need to order the damn parts and put mine together lol.

EDIT: Also, I've hear that adding an effects loop to the jca20h isn't too hard either, so I might give that a shot when I get the money.
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