guys, can u suggest me a good all tube bass amp head for band practise/small gigs.. currently i use a solid state 120W head+cab.. i guess the wattage configuration is diff for tube & SS amps, but don know how much is necessary for band rehearsals..

was checking out ampeg svt2pro but its friggin 300w, way too much power for my needs.. plus, the price also matters..

genre of our band is mainstream rock (no metal).. other amps we got r a vox valvetronix & a local shit..
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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you won't get one unless you go boutique. Tube bass amps tend to be big, heavy and powerful, and quite expensive.
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^The cheapest all tube bass head I can think of off the top of my head is that Traynor one, which runs at around $800?
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^ I've seen YBA's go cheaper, but not too often.

I'd always recommend the Ampeg SVT-VR, but the price might make you a bit skittish.
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Why not a old school Fender Bassman?
Also why is tube so important to you?
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Why not a old school Fender Bassman?
Also why is tube so important to you?

to be quite frank, i have been a guitarist for 6 yrs b4 i turnd 2 bass..i hv the experience of the difference in tonal modulation from SS, hybrid & tube amps..don want2 get in2a debate about wuts better coz thats pointless (individual opinions), i'll just say that the tube or hybrid sound is far more appealing to me..it just has too much character,& as an instrumentalist that is much more important to me than sheer loudness..

however, i m yet to personally try out the 'tube' factor in a bass amp tone, so i m not sure what i m gonna find..its not that easily available in my part of the world as is a tube/hybrid guitar amp..90% of bands here r in2 SS stuff..m just carrying on my guitar amp experience to my bass..
I completely understand why you'd prefer tubes. If it was up to me, I'd have the biggest Mesa rig I could find, if I had roadies to carry it round and service it

Give solid state a try for bass. Cheapy solid state amps, like for guitar, are mostly pretty terrible, but once into mid/higher end stuff you can get some pretty nice amps. Check out Trace Elliot, Markbass, Peavey, and Ashdown. There's also a lot of decent hybrid amps out there too. Most Ampeg heads are hybrids (from what I remember) and the Hartke HA and Hydrive series.
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