Hello everyone,
I just bought a Tascam US-1641 interface and am using (trying rather...) it with Garageband. The very first time I used it, after I installed the drivers and such, it worked just fine. But now when I plug it in and then open Garageband it will say, "Garageband has scanned device 'Tascam US-1641' Would you like to use this device?" But when I hit yes, it says that the device has been disconnected. It's really frustrating. It won't let me use it but I know for a fact it is compatible with Garageband because I already recorded a song with it. Can anyone help me here? I don't know if maybe it's the order I plug in/turn on the device or what...

Any help is appreciated. Thanks
If you go into your mac's settings with the device plugged in, and choose the Tascam as your primary audio input device, that might work, restart garageband, try again...

if not, try re-installing or updating the drivers, I had a hard time getting Pod Farm & my UX1 to work because of driver issues

that's all I've got, hope it's some help

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