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My favorite song changes monthly/weekly/daily. I sometimes spend an entire day just playing one song over and over again until its perfect. Yesterdays song was MUSE's wonderful Muscle Museum (live from Paris on the Hullabaloo album) and a few days earlier was, by coincidence MUSE's Supermassive Black Hole (various live versions) yes MUSE are my favorite band for about 3 years now.

Earlier obsessive learning songs for me were Come Together (on bass) and Penny Lane (also on bass)

Just thought it might be good to hear yours... So lets have:
The song(or riff/solo/part)
The instrument part you play.

Also please check out my song on my band page. appreciate it


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my guitar is in d standard/drop c and iv been playing bullet for my valentine today. Played Scream Aim Fire countless times
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Prime Mover by Rush (on the bass)
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Pretty much any Lamb of God song!
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I've just been playing the Du Hast riff over and over. Like on an endless loop (if I was a computer).
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Don't Follow, Got Me Wrong and Cut You In(all written by Jerry Cantrell). First of all, they're a great way to warm up your hands. Secondly, they are damn-good songs.
Shut Up Woman Get On My Horse- Mrweeble. On a serious note; Megadeth's Dialetic Chaos has been played at least an infinate number of times now.
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Final fantasy Prelude,
thank you Bulb.
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Bands/Artists of the month; Marco Sfogli, Marco Sfogli and Marco Sfogli .

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For me it's Between the Buried and Me - selkies(solo), Sun of nothing, Disease Injury madness (solo), Buckethead - Mrs.Beasley, Opeth - Windowpane(soloes), and the KSE cover of Holy Diver (solo) anddd some Lamb of God.

That's all I really play, or will be playing until I get my guitar fixed D:

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Been playing Jose Gonzales - Heartbeats constantly!

And the riff to Slipknot - Before I Forget and Metallica - Master of Puppets....
Slither - Velvet Revolver
Say You'll Haunt Me - Stone Sour
Welcome To The Family - A7X
Curse Of Castle Dragon - Paul Gilbert
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Final fantasy Prelude,
thank you Bulb.

Wow that is an awesome cover.

I've been trying to play soldiers of the wastelands rhythm.
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All this week im mostly only playing my bands 5 original songs that we will begin studio recording this saturday. Im recording the acoustic parts, so my Hummingbird is getting lots of attention.
Enter Sandman (Metallica) & Off he Goes (Pearl Jam)
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I've been playing Buried Alive by Avenged Sevenfold a lot lately. I just can't get over how amazing the intro is.

I also play Come Clarity by In Flames a lot, ever since I actually sat down and learned the solo a few weeks ago, I've been playing it every day lol.

Also Walk With Me In Hell by Lamb of God... just not the solo. I'm just not there yet. Haha. It's fast.
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I'll probably run through Heroes to Us by Kalmah a few dozen times today but no matter what at some point I'll pick up my acoustic and play Shape of My Heart by Sting, I play that song at least one time every day.
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I've been working on the main riff to Guns of Summer, and perfecting Welcome Home. Both Coheed songs.
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Blood and Thunder - Mastodon

and a song I'm writing that's kind of a Dark Metal-y thing.

Damned Icon - Invictus

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