Hey everyone, I'm messing around with a song I've written in guitar pro today. I'd just like any input, as far as where I should take this song, how well the mix is, what I can to do make it better, ect. I'm just posting the MP3 right now, but if someone wanted to help out I can shoot the GP5 file their way. I will say that I'm not happy with the guitar tone, and I'm working on fixing it, I realize it's way too distorted and clipping in some parts. Song is in profile.
Is clipping as hell dude. Kick drum is peaking as well. I'm not sure if I like the rhythm. Sounds like Sepultura/Cavalera Conspiracy. 0:33 is cool, me like. ^___^

It could turn out to something good, but don't record the whole song (when it's finished) with that guitar tone, drum sound and reverb (it's unnecessary and muddy). Guitars could do with a bit of low-end (or a bass guitar, at least). Be sure to avoid peaking, because it tires out the ear easily. You've got a lot to learn about the basics of mixing, but with practice, you'll get there.

C4C, please? ^___^

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The whole song sounds pretty good. It was a little short for me to decipher the good/bad parts out of it though. You know yourself there was a lot of clipping issues but that can be easily fixed by familiarising yourself with recording programs and whatnot.

Try and be more creative with the riffs you make. Most deathcore bands I hear these days all try and go for the same thing!

Crit mines please

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That was absolute garbage.What are you trying to accomplish with this stuff?It is overly generic(well I suppose the whole genre is.)Have you ever heard of melody?look it up!
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Yeah, needs some work dude, very very very simple riff that just repeats and doesn't stop. You need to have some slight changes in the riff after every say...2 bars. Like the guy in the first post said, clipping like no other, guitar tone is like a buzzsaw, way too much gain, no mids, way to much treble, shitty mic.

Keep at it though, don't let us get ya down.