It's nearing the point where my FR guitar is in need of a string change. I'm trying to decide between a set of 9-42's and 10-52's, for Drop-D tuning. I have 2 questions.

1. Bending of course pulls the trem a little bit which affects all other strings. Will using lighter gauge strings make this less of a problem?

2. Will the heavier gauge strings make tuning any more of an annoyance than it already is? When tuning the lower strings, I imagine the stronger pull would throw the other strings off a little more than lighter strings, but I wanted to hear what you guys had to say.
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1. No, light strings will make it more of a problem. Less string tension = less spring tension = the bridge is easier to move.

2. Not really.

I probably wouldn't use 9's for Drop D, but I guess it depends on the guitar, some (even very similar guitars) will feel quite different with almost exactly the same setup.
There may be a very slight difference with those things you said, but not enough to notice. I changed from 10's to 9's on my C1 which is also in Drop D, those little side effects may be there, but I haven't noticed them at all so I wouldn't worry about it.
string gauge for drop d would depend on your scale.
if it's 25.5" i'd get a hybrid 9-46 set. if it's shorter i'd just get a regular 10-46 set.
but that's just me, you might like thinner or thicker strings.