The demo can be found at http://www.purevolume.com/VforFailure/albums/The+Acoustic+Demo btw there's more than just the 4 on the profile page. Please feel free to comment on whatever song you want, just wanna see how people like it really, and of course c4c.

(fixed the link so people will see the other songs as well and not just the four profile ones lol)
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Radiance: I like the upbeat tempo and feel. I'm not a big fan of the acoustic guitar sound, though. It sounds like a plugged in acoustic/electric, I prefer micing acoustics. I like the change in tempo at the bridge, also when you start palm muting, another good change in feel. I also like the lyrics.

Karma: Similar feel as Radiance. I really like the chorus in this one, it's much more powerful than in Radiance, and very catchy. I also like the transition back to the verse. It all sounded very professional.

10 Years Ago: A good change from the other songs with the picking intro. "Let's Go" might be a little cheesy :P. I like the vocal melody for the verse in this one.

Ender: Good intro, nice use of hammers/pull-offs. I also like how it continues to the verse rather than strumming. And finally, some backing vocals! They really add to the feel, if there's anything the other songs need, it's that. It works especially well with this song, though, since the verse progression sounds like it's building up for something. The strumming and backup vocals really give it the climax.

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Cool stuff. Ender reminds me a bit of an Iron & Wine type thing. Next time you record try micing up your acoustic guitar, you should be pleasantly surprised with how nice it sounds. Experiment with some different melodic and rhythmic phrasing for your vocals, because all 4 songs seem to have the same general vibe in a way. I think Karma and Ender are your strongest songs here at the moment. Good luck and keep making music!
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Compositionally and performance-wise, I like it a lot. Very solid numbers, good melodies and good lyrics. The guitar fits the music very well, interesting in it's own while still never distracting from the vocal melodies. The production works, but I'd suggest double-tracking the guitar. Also, something seems wierd about the sound of the vocals - maybe a better mic could be the answer.

I liked how you kept each song fairly short, never making them long enough to be boring. A problem with the demo, though, is that most songs sound very similar. All of them are good numbers on their own, but it becomes kinda' too much of the same thing after a while, I think. All in all, though, great work.

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