Good morning all,

I just posted up a thread in the electric guitar section and I figured maybe I could be more specific here with some reviews on the pick ups.

Ive narrowed down my guitar search to 4:

Schecter Blackjack ATX C-1 FR - Duncan Blackouts
Schecter C-1 Custom FR - Duncan SH-11 and SH-1n
BC Rich ASM Pro - EMG 81/85
ESP MH-1000FR - EMG 81/85

I have used the EMGs before (and currently still use them).

I know very little about the blackouts or the SH-11 and SH-1n. I play hard rock/metal and am currently running through a peavey 6505+ with a mesa 2x12 cab. Play both lead and rhythm.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

-Gibson Les Paul Studio - Gem Series
-ESP Eclipse II Standard
-ESP Horizon FR II Standard
-Marshall TSL 602
-Peavey 6505+
-Mesa 2x12 Rectifer Cab
I've got EMG 81/85s in my Jackson now and I like em for metal.. but they're pretty hot and it's tougher to dial in a good clean sound. I've never tried the blackouts.. the only thing I know is that Gus G started using them and loves em.
Active pups are notorious for nullifying the individual tones of guitars.
So if you have more than one guitar with actives, i wouldn't recommend buying another one with actives, they won't sound TOO far different.
But if you completely stuck onto buying a guitar with actives, then it's better you buy one with the Blackouts since you already have a guitar with EMGs.