hey guys

im looking for an affordable laptop £500 or under, i'll be using it mainly for recording music so im not bothered about graphics cards.

i'll be interfacing with an m audio fastrack and i will only be recording one track at a time thanks for any advice
Second hand/reconditioned macbook.
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Not a Macbook, you won't get a decent enough spec for the price (it'll be the very low end, even 2nd hand).

eBay would be the best place to search for a Laptop with a decent spec, it doesn't have to be 2nd hand and make sure you buy off reputable sellers with good feedback!

Edit: This guy does decent Desktops from all price ranges, quite a reputible seller too: http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/viboxltd/
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Looks good, the only downside is the RAM but you could always get 4GB DDR3 RAM with some of the the money left over.

Btw good name, i'm a proud Razorback owner myself .
You can get them pretty cheap now. Mine was 2nd hand off eBay for about £500, and that was about a year ago. They've come down quite a bit.