I have a question to those who use the AMT Legend Amp pedals (you know, R1, D1, P1, M1, etc.)

they say those are supposed to be pedal-simulation of the preamp of the respective amp model.
so are they to be used IN PLACE of your amp's own preamp
meaning, would I have to bypass my amp's own preamp by plugging all my other effects through the AMT pedal (modulations would come after it, I guess) instead of the input of the amp, and plug the whole chain to the return jack of the amp? (thus going straight to the power amp)

or are these pedals meant to be used like regular distortion pedals,
meaning I'd use them WITH my amp's preamp??

I've seen the youtube demos but they aren't really showing what they did as far as this is concerned...
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as far as i can remember they're supposed to act like preamps but i think you can use them like distortion pedals too
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There is nothing preventing you from using them either way though I'd check the manufacturers site to see what they suggest.

edit: Either way seems fine, plus it has a cab simulated out for direct input to mixers or for recording. At that price point, if they sound as good as they say then I'm switching my plans for my next pedal purchase.
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i have some amt pedals. you're supposed to use it in place of it, like in the FX return of your amp. it wouldn't sound as good using both.
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