at the edge of eons
ripped from the perch
newton's law enacted
thirty two point two
feet per second

worlds within colliding
upon the canvas
of cold tile
liquid landscapes form
with each drop
worlds born

molecules deflecting bring
picturesque scenes
a meteor streaks
across newly formed skies
repeating the process
once more

composing rhythms of insanity
echoes of hollow existences ring
voices of eternity wail
consulation for the vanity
a finite universe
accelerated to an abrupt demise

ghosts of galaxies swirl
toward the base of oblivion
gravity performing perfect work
pulling to the blackhole
the cacophony of infinity
falling upon def ears

I turned the knob

Last edited by Johnikker at Sep 30, 2010,
I thought this was well done. It seemed to me to be an interesting read and the vocabulary was not lacking at all, infact I really like how you somehow got ''cacophony'' to work there :p Sorry I don't have much to say, but I think it all looks pretty good to me Keep on Writing
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