Hi, im new on this forum and im about to start my exams. I need to get a decent practice amp for under £100,maybe a little bit more. I will be playing mainly metal like Trivium,Metallica and A7X. I know i won't be able to get anywhere near a good tone as those guys and you get what you pay for. Ill be doing the Rockschool exams and have a LTD Ex-50. Any suggestions?
Vypyr 15 or Microcube. Vypyr 15 would be the better choice; more features and more customisation in your sound. Microcube is more straight-forward but the higher gain setting (Rectifier) is too muddy imo
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The Fender Mustangs are meant to be really good. The Vypyr might be better for metal though it's more expensive I think, the new VT+s might be a better choice as they have a lot of different models for metal. I wouldn't get a Microcube, tiny speaker.
Peavey Vypyr hands down.
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Save up for a Vox VT. Definitely worth it!

For Trivium and A7X? No. Not even close.
The VTs are fine for higher gain, I don't know why people say otherwise. The chrome face one I had had way less high gain options, but the JCM2000 model is actually really good for metal, if you turn the mids down it's good for that real saturated sort of metal sound, and the Soldano model is great for the drier chunkier metal. The Dual Rec model is a bit shit which is probably why people say this, but it's usable if you dial it in right(usually with the gain back) or install a better speaker.

However there are VT+s coming out soon which have way more high gain options. I'd wait for those if I was getting a VT.

I still say the Fender Mustang could be a surprisingly good bet though. VYPYRs are probably the best for metal though.
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