Look what came today...I did when this arrived!

Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet w/ Bigsby

When I plugged it in, I noticed the chambered body straight away, from having played a les paul for 5 years.
Compared to (my modded) Les Paul, the pickups are smaller and weaker in output level, in comparison, they are a lot more 'thinner' sounding but brightly voiced. With light overdrive, I have found I can get that Malcolm Young AC/DC sound quite close.

The Bigsby was a main factor in it for me when buying the guitar, personally, I am not really into the divebombing and the Bigsby does a nice vibrato a semitone each side of the note I play which I enjoy.

The headstock is a small coke bottle shape with small peg like tuning heads, these are fairly stable. I got on with the neck straight away as it is a D shape which is the same as my Les Paul.
One issue I noticed when I first played it was how low the action is, I prefer a low/medium action, but this isn't a fault of the guitar but my own personal preference, and the action is easily adjustable.

This concludes my review on this lovely piece of craftmanship, I've only really played it for a couple of hours and there is plenty more to discover.

Also: If you own one of these, could you help me find a hard case online for this bad boy, preferably not the Gretsch branded one if I can help it.