I'm interested in buying a certain guitar but I want to compare it to other guitars first. None of my local music stores have it in stock. Will they ship one to the store so I can try it, or will I be obligated to buy it? Thanks
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Nah, pretty sure they won't. Don't wanna spend money without the guarantee of a sale. Look for a similar model if you're interesting in testing the guitar.
Ask in the store if they can order one in for you, most places will.
I know that some places do "Special Orders", but I'm assuming when they do so, that you're pretty much obligated to purchase it..
Alright thanks guys. I'm probably just going to have my local music store order it in for me.
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Ask in the store if they can order one in for you, most places will.
But you're usually obligated to buy it if they do.
maybe you could work out a deal where you pay for the shipping to get it there, if you like it you buy it. If not you ship it back. It might be more money to spend, but you might be able to get it there to try it

Although, you might just be better off playing a similar model instead.
If they operate like the company I work for, if another branch has the guitar, they'll ship it over no quibbles. Then they aren't ordering in something new and not contributing to 'dead stock.' If a company ordered in a brand new instrument for every person that wanted to try a 'special order,' they wouldn't be in business very long.
They do but you have to pay them to send it back if you don't buy it.

Sam ash will order something (you must give a down payment of like10%) and let you try it out in store for a week and if you don't like it they refund you and send it back free of charge..
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But you're usually obligated to buy it if they do.

No you're not. Ask them if they can order something in to try it before you buy it. If you try it and don't like, you just say you don't like and you aren't buying it.
Not that hard I don't think.
Unless its like something like strings or picks, they probably won't ship it out.
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