As the title says, please help me with solos.
I have no idea how the hell the pros write them.
So, how do you write solos.
I play mainly acoustic, metal, blues, rock, etc.
stop thinking about it and just play it :p. play what you hear in you head. its not all about scales, although scales do help.
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Ok sweet, thanks.
Also, does anyone know how to sweep?
I'vwe tried heaps of times, but I just can't get it.
Learn music theory from the ground up.
Also, Play with your ears.

Both are as important as each other.
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I usually base my SOLO on the VOICE of the said SONG ,try that you never know it might work
erm im no pro but I just use the scales that work within my chord progression and improvise
and I usually build the solo over that.
What type of music do you write, as that dictates how the solo is constructed (shred vs. blues, for example). The more melodic the type of song, the more you should be able to hum or sing the solo, although metal type solos should still be melodic in context.
yeah I sweep. what did to learn was I just used my picking hand to mute the strings near the nut and just hammeron with my fretting hand. then I started actually sweeping with a pick, but VERY slowly. eventually I got up to speed, it just takes time.