Ok so i posted this yesterday in the tattoo and piercings thread but i guess nobody uses it, so im just gonna post it here now. m looking into getting my first tattoo next month as im turning 18. my favourite idea ithink is one i came up with a while ago, my cousin showed me this saying/phrase and i really think it kind of represents me in a way, very much my personality. I was also thinking of something like, "let this music speak to you" or something along the lines. I dont want a huge passage, something pretty small. So im just wondering what anybody thinks of it, whether or not they like the quote or design, also any other quotes or lyrics you think would be better, any opinion/criticism is appreciatted. Hopefully i can figure out how to post the pic haha.

It wont have the signature at the bottom obviously, and the whole thing will just be pretty much what is showing here, but each end of the neck will fade out. and ya the neck will be shaded in, so i dont know the best way to do the lettering. also, the lettering will roughly follow the white lines i put in. i did it with mac paint so its not too detailed but you get the idea. So let me know what you guys think, and if its even possible, unno maybe the whole thing is just impossible to do haha. Also any suggestions on where to get it? thanks for any help you can offer. thanks
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i don't like it.

if you get a tattoo it has to be something you like not something everyone else likes
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people use it you just have to wait and you'll get good responses.
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Get it huge arcoss your back, would be cool.
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Nah not a good ink. Your'll end up getting a cover up.
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i dont like it but its your body get what you want fone. just dont rush into getting one and take you time to decide and dont just get one because your 18 thats a silly idea
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dont like it, its purdy cheesy. i think you said "let this music speak to you", cause thats heaps better but havei it without all the other shit. just the words on your inner forearm area