you're gonna have to wait, then. Search "Buy Mesa mark IV" in google and see what that brings up.
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yehp there discontinued now gunna haveto wait till one crops up on ebay or craigslist
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Just PM MatrixClaw. He's probably got 3 or 4 extra ones lying around. He just uses them to set his beer on

I apologize for the fact that this may not exactly be helpful, but hey, you never know...
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Check rig-talk and HC's classifieds. There always seems to be some floating around there.
search round small private guitar stores they will be most likely the only people who have one new
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they're all over the used market, and pretty cheap nowadays too.
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Check over on the John Petrucci forum. A lot of guys have been ditching their Mark IV's for the AxeFX.
I just got one off ebay recently. They pop up from time to time, but there's been quite a dry spell lately. I know because I probably looked every day for like a year while I saved up, there was always at least 1 or 2 up.

Few days ago one popped up real late at night right before I decided to look and I bought it instantly.
Anyone know any stores that we ship them to Australia? I'm looking for the Mark IV head but neither guitar center or ebay has any
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^ I would, except I live in Australia. It'll take 10 years before I find a 2nd hand Mark IV in perth, and if I did, it would be ridiciously expensive. Any US stores that sell a lot of 2nd hand amps besides guitar center?
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musicgoround daddys
all the big boutique stores usually have second hand stuff.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
^^ there are tons banana man. literally tons.

what i would do is offer up the shipping and customs tax nightmare to someone that is selling one on a gear classifieds forum. there are many..

also, start your own thread
check the gear page forum. i would bet there is at least one on there.
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