So my friend and I are thinking of writing some songs together, he plays drums/keys and I play guitar/bass. I have learned the major scale shapes, and I am sure I could play it in any key, however, me and my friend are leaning to a more rock/metal direction, therefore I also want to learn the minor scale. From what I have seen you just flatten the 3rd and 6th in the scale. Is this correct?
And also, is the best way to learn it by modifying the major scale, or just splitting it up into shapes like when I learned the major scale?
Thanks all
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For a minor scale you flatten the 3 6 and 7 it sounds cool with just the 3 and 6 (harmonic minor i think its called)
I don't think you should learn any scales completely by shapes, to be honest. Not that there's anything wrong with shapes, but I think you should learn the scales another way first, then figure out the shapes.
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