I just picked up a big muff pi for $35 and it is exhibiting something a little strange well strange to me at least. When I hit a high note and let it sustain for a good long time I start getting this strange mild warble kind of feedback sound as the note starts decaying. I doubt it's feedback as I have the volume on the Muff set really low the tone at 12 and the sustain at 12 also the volume on the clean channel on my amp (valveking 112) at like 2. I'm a good 10 to 12 feet from the amp volume on guitar is all the way up on my strat. If changes are needed to the circuit of the BMP I have no problem doing that. Anyone have any ideas?

ps. Yes it's a recent BMP so no wise cracks about electro-harmonics crappy pedals please or recommendations to get something else. They will not be appreciated.
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just enjoy it, its one of the quirks of the muff
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Yeah, mine does the same thing. You just have to work on your tremolo technique a bit more to sustain notes better. Like lbj273 said, it's just one of its quirks.

On a side note, congrats on getting that thing for 35 bucks! I had to pay a whole 50 for mine.
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