Be assured I am saying this without hostility.

Ever since I picked up a guitar and started reading tabs I've always been confused as to why anyone would put up a half effort garbage tab. There are far too many talented people out there that we don't need a "I know this isn't right" or "This may suck" preface. All that means is that I'm going to be completely dissatisfied in the tab. When I pick a song to play, it's because I love that song and I want to play it like the artist does, at least as close as possible.

So for Ray LaMontagne's "Are We Really Through" there is video on youtube of him doing it live on two seperate occassions and it's CLEARLY different than any tab out there. If you're going to do any job, lets try to do it right.

I would be very greatful if someone could make a proper tab of this song.

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lemme see if if i can find something to tab it with and i'll tab it correctly