I came up with the TS riff on guitar, and figured it'd make a cool power metal synth, and that led to the entire song!

No lyrics, but imagine Bruce Dickinson in charge of defending a castle from a siege, where defeat is certain. Also, the solos are played while the guitarists are standing on top of dead peasants.


Length: π
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Reminds me a lot of Sonata Arctica and Dragonforce a bit, very epic sounding.

Liking the little acoustic break in there, fits in perfectly.

The solo definately reminds me of Sonata Arctica

Good simple structure, I can definately see it working as a traditional power metal song, good job.


Is it supposed to have RSE on? it doesnt sound mixed for RSE. I havent heard the full song yet btw
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Well, this was a rather simple, fun song. The chorus was really fun and if there were lyrics I would definitly feel the need to sing with it.

The only thing I didn't like is the first solo. Didn't feel like there is really anything in it. It's just going up-and-down.

Other than that great song.

First: I ****ing love the op. 'tis hilarious.

Second: Fun as hell song. Not my style, but really, really fun, in a cheesy epic way. Only thing I'd change is the solos. First one, I'd start it slow, a few notes, give it some catchy licks, and build up to like a fast sweep or legato section, then end it with an epic high bend, which would lead to solo two. Solo two I'd start fast. Tapping, descending, much like it does now, then get into some bending slowish stuff, and end it melodic but fast descending. Perhaps with a big tremolo bar end.

Elsewise, nice, nice job. Although why is it on a 7 string? As I recall there were now notes on the low b...
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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

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