Hello again UG. Here I am again with another gear post...I've been doing some thinking, and I figured that because of the size of the 6505+ combo, the price, and the fact that I'll just be jamming with friends because I'll only be playing gigs as a bassist, I think I should get a different Tube combo. I am also possibly considering soild state combos. But I really think a Valveking would be good for me, but I would prefer a british tone. I've recently found a new passion for Pierce the Veil and their new album, Selfish Machines. This album really gets me. It's like Chiodos and Carlos Santana were locked in the studio together for 5 months. It's so Latin, yet, maintains that post-hardcore feel. So Im really looking for a nice combo where I could base my tone off of this kind of music.

My budget probably wont be much over $400. I'd like to stay under that if I can. I do not like modeling amps very much.

Amps I am considering are:

Peavey Valveking 112

Bugera v22

Fender combo? (has 3 preamp tubes like Valveking and Bugera)
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If you play a lot of metal get the 6505 combo, if you don't, get the Valveking. It can get to metal territory as well. You might not like how the amp sounds with the stock speaker though.
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OH MY GOSH. I had no idea Jet City was made by Soldano and has an Eminence speaker O:
Ah yes but...I dont think the jet city combo will have enough gain for what i need...
Ive brought it down to the Bugera and the Valveking. Maybe a Bugera V55 if it is worh it.
dude pierce the veil is softie stuff. otherwise just look into a bugera combo, or the peavey combo.
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go to this thread and you will no longer think the jet city doesnt have enough gain

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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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The Valveking has a British type tone to it, even though it uses 6L6 tubes, the gain channel has a very Marshally type sound to it, and the clean channel is ripped from the Fender Twin reverb, exactly. So it's like a British/American voiced amp.

But Jet City amps are better, so I would go with that if you can.
Those audio files no longer exist in that thread and I dont really think ill have money for an OD right away. I need to get an ipod too so...and I'm also looking for enough gain for at least Chiodos. Im starting to tame a bit and drift away from Deathcore. The heaviest thing I will listen to anymore is August Burns Red. I dont really like the idea of single channel amps