Hey guys, its me

Im looking into buying a Left handed Acoustic-Electric guitar. I have my old Ibanez at home.. but i didn't want to take that to college. My price range is $200-$375, but remember, im a poor college student now, i can't really afford a new guitar right now, i just really really want one. :x:
the best of the bunch imo:

solid mahogany top. a fun guitar.

well made, laminate top. i didn't like this one as much unplugged as the fenders - go figure!

this one sounds pretty decent, but to tell the truth, i'd go with the hellcat if it were me. the solid top does make a difference.
Oh you mean a grandpa's guitar
Acoustic is for grandpa's and pussies
I think you know it
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the solid top alvarez guitars i tried at trutone sounded very good. i found their necks a bit cramped, but you weren't looking for a wider neck, so i suspect you'll like this guitar. wish i could help you with world music, but i haven't ordered from them and they're not listed at reseller ratings.

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I think i have it narrowed down to thew last one you posted. and this Alvarez.


Anyone have an Alvarez? Anyone ever buy from worlmusicsupply before?


luckily people on forums usually have the right to be idiots, and it's good to see you're exercising your rights so completely

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Oh you mean a grandpa's guitar
Acoustic is for grandpa's and pussies
I think you know it
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I really like Alvarez guitars. I had one that was really pretty good for the lower price range.
I do sure love me them Gibsons boy
I like Alvarez a lot too, except they always seem to have a gloss finish neck, but I'd deal with it if I had to.

My suggestion, stay away from laminate tops, get a solid top. They sounds way better. Also, get something comfortable. I've found when dealing with acoustics, if it's not comfortable right off the bat, it's usually never very comfortable. I mean, you get used to it, but some guitars may never feel right.