Hey everyone, I was wondering how to add a John Squire/Stone Roses guitar element to my own personal style.

First, some background. I am mainly a metal/shred/hard rock player who incorporates a little bit of jazz, blues, funk and alternative into his playing. I like to add styles that are drastically different to shred/metal so my playing will be interesting, exciting and unique.

But, I haven't found any useful John Squire or Stone Roses lessons online.

Anyone have any advice?
listen to more Madchester, learn a couple of songs, and mess around with that
Beau, oui, comme Bowie
Learn some Squier and Johnny Marr from the Smiths. Both have kind of a jangly textural style.

I recommend She Bangs the Drums and Shoot You Down.
Jangle + Jimmy Page lite....that pretty much covers all the bases with John Squire.

Heavy overdriven sound drenched in reverb, arpeggiate lots of chords and intersperse that with occasional Led Zep inspired freakouts, he rarely strays away from the minor pentatonic for his lead parts.
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